IMG_0279Bongiwe Tutu is a driven young author of fiction and futurism, inspired by universal growth, consciousness and progress.  Tutu believes we all have an ingrained potential to imagine, influence and implement positive change in the world we live in.   The author’s five of most important pillars of life are; to Live. Love. Laugh. Learn. And to Leave a Legacy.

Bongiwe Tutu is Assistant Project Coordinator of the Africa-China Reporting Project at the Wits Journalism Department, Wits University.  Bongiwe was instrumental in planning and coordinating the workshops; Media Workshop on Reporting Africa-China Engagements: Agriculture Developments, Climate Change, Industrialisation, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Agenda 2063, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2017; and the Africa-China Journalists Workshop & Fieldwork Project that brought African and Chinese journalists to South Africa in November 2017 and 2018.

Bongiwe Tutu participated as an African delegate in the China-Africa Joint Research and Exchange Program at the Media Cooperation and Think Tank Collaboration at the Africa Communication Research Center, Communication University of China (CUC), Beijing, China, 2018.

Bongiwe Tutu was also instrumental in the planning, coordinating, and hosting of the Belt & Road Initiative conference at Wits University, 23 November 2018.

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Bongiwe Tutu started working at the Africa-China Reporting Project as Project & Research Assistant in May 2017, and was appointed Assistant Project Coordinator in May 2018.  Prior to joining the Africa-China Reporting Project at Wits University, Bongiwe Tutu gained experience at Africa.com, a global African publication, Kaya FM, The New Age and ANN7, The Daily Vox, E-TV News, Wits Vuvuzela, The Daily Dispatch, and Bongiwe Tutu has worked as a Fitness Coach and Instructor at Curves, fitness and health facility for women.

Bongiwe Tutu’s field of study is in Governance and Policy, Political Economy of Development, Public Finance and Management.  Bongiwe Tutu’s research interests include Decolonization, Pan-African approaches, African stakeholders, the context to benefits and challenges of Free Movement of Persons in Africa, the Continental Free Trade Area Agreement, the role and impact of the African Union, Women in Governance and Policy-making, Migration, Health and Education policies in Southern Africa, Sustainable Youth platforms, Gender equality and empowerment.  Bongiwe Tutu enjoys reading, traveling, running, writing and creating.

Bongiwe Tutu is completing a Master of Management in the field of Governance (Development and Economics) Degree at the Wits School of Governance.  She holds an Honours Degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Wits University, a Postgraduate Diploma in International Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree from Rhodes University.


SPECIES OF KNOWLEDGE: Most impeccable illustration of the power of shared knowledge and experience. Photographer Unknown





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